Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Things that drive me bonkers

Not much really gets to me but there are some things that drive me nuts:

  • Bullies - online and in real life. I can pretty much deal with online keyboard warriors as I have come to realise that for the most part that have no interest WHAT.SO.EVER in considering another point of view.    School bullies of around the age 12 and of the girl variety are driving me to distraction right now. What my daughter is facing I swear was not my reality at her age. And lastly - at work - oh the misery of that. Oh the rage I feel when I see someone else at the receiving end of it.
  • Lack of accountabilty - if you screw it up say so. If you dont want to complete something own up to it. Dont just leave it and walk away in a non caring manner. Other people are not on this planet to clear up your half finished stuff.
  • Bitchy women. Maybe they started off as those 12 year old girls being ridiculous and unpleasant at school, I dont know. They come in all forms and are everywhere. Be they the spiteful ex demanding unreasonable crippling child support even though they have married again and actually share the custody with their ex, or the work collegue clearly resentful of you. Women need to support each other more in success. Exes need to be more reasonable. Lets all be abit kinder to each other please.
  • Manipulative people - dont try to manipulate me, its obvious what you are doing and certainly doesnt sit well. I will go above and beyond to help people but the moment I feel that I am being used I am gone. I am saddened but I am done.

And for things that make me happy:
  • Online people helping each other on our local facebook page. When the power went out on Thanksgiving I saw many posts asking for advice on finishing half cooked turkeys. I saw lots of advice and many offers of assistance by people who still had power.
  • Positive motivating individuals who get somewhere in their life and want to help you with advise on what worked for them. Love it.
  • Good bosses - you know those ones that are sadly few and far between. The ones that you want to emulate. The ones that you will jump hoops for. The ones that exude that rare and wonderful personality of caring, motivating, teaching, successful manager. Yeah... I want to be her. Still working on it.

Happy Hump Day

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