Monday, 6 February 2017

What I love about February, and dont adore so much...

There is typically very little to love about February as I am by now tired of the following:

  • Walking dogs around in the evening in the dark. I am tired of walking in the dark. There are no pretty December lights up, its just cold and dark and almost dangerous as footing becomes precarious very very suddenly as I nearly do the splits at full walking speed on ice (not pretty)
  • That walk being in painfully cold windchill so my scarf becomes damp from my breathing and then feels horrible. It makes for an even less pleasant walk.
  • The feeling that its been cold forever and its got MONTHS to go, ugh!
BUT, I do enjoy some of the small things:
  • The fire crackling in the grate, especially at weekends when I love to fall asleep to it at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon for a quick cat nap.
  • The pretty pink mornings when there is fresh snow on the ground. I love pink winter skies.
  • The bright sunlight and blue skies, even though its so cold.
  • Groundhog Day. Love it. Enough said.
  • Planning vacations down south, so much fun in the planning of a trip. Less so in the paying for it...
  • Working out in the evenings. I have zero interest in this once its warm outside so I make hay while the sun shines.
  • Warm fluffy horses standing by hay bales, Ace smells so good.

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