Wednesday, 1 February 2017

made it, 1991's dreams to the here and now

Today I started taking a little trip down memory lane and came to this realization:

Back at the start of my working life in 1991, as a 17 year old junior in a little building and civil engineering firm, I made a big plan for my career. I wrote on a scrap of paper " I want to be the Financial Controller of British Airways" and stuck it with tape in front of me on the wall.
Back then, I had no idea what such a role would entail but it was my dream and a plan and I have always been a planner. It helped me through the years of night school that came.
In that job I wrote in the ledgers by hand and delivered hand written rent invoices to pensioners in their home. There was one computer in our accounts office of 3 of us that we shared and I made the tea for everyone at 3pm and answered the phones in reception every afternoon. I called the more senior people by their last names, as did everyone else - Mr Taylor, Mr Suttle, Mrs Taylor.... and I loved loved loved working there. I was taught by Mrs Taylor how to reconcile bank accounts, how to compose a letter correctly "Would you" rather than "can you" when asking for something to be done etc amongst other skills. I was treated well. I was happy. I was a dreamer.

Back then I would walk from my rented room up to be picked up each morning. I would daydream on this walk about living in Canada, always Canada. I dont even know why. 
My daydream always centred around picking mail out of a mailbox at the end of a pathway in front of a big house with a wrap around porch, in the snow. Back then I was consuming Bill  Bryson novels so maybe thats why this particular setup was in my mind.

When I got a car to drive we used to drive from Worthing to Steyning along a country lane. There was a house that I could barely see from the road but I could see the red late eighties VW Golf parked on the drive. Driving my 1982 Renault 5 past it, called Notty (after the plate NOT 149Y) I used to wish for that red golf.

Today as I drove into work I was renminiscing about these times in my life, I do this alot about my life in a happy manner, and I realized that I could check those boxes off.

FC job - I have held that role or a comparable one now since 2012. My current one is the best one though for happiness and responsibility.
Canada - yes we live here. We dont have a wrap around porch but we do indeed live here.
VW Golf - theres a grey one sat outside. Incidentally its the best car I have ever owned.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have lived every single aspect of my life so far.

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