Monday, 3 April 2017

more snow

According to the news its "below seasonal temperatures", ya think?!!!
Saturday turned into a fairly nice day that allowed me to take the first run of the year in our subdivision with the dogs, surrounded by slowly melting snow - big hurrah to the weather and the fact I am running again.
Sunday found snow falling most of the day.

Tomorrow more snow is forecast for our Atlantic Provinces but heres the thing... right now I am flat out grateful we didnt move to Newfoundland. They were hit at the weekend with 40cm on top of the snow already on the ground and they are due another 70cm tonight! Thats a tonne of snow! Thank God we dont live there.

This time of year typically sees me acutely fed up of winter and really badly wanting summer back. I am hoping its going to suddenly turn up over night given the rate the horse is shedding and the presence of the crocuses in our garden near the house where the snow has gone. Nature knows right??

I bloody hope it does.

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