Wednesday, 12 April 2017

a weekend with Danique

Last weekend we indulged in an entire Danique Henderson weekend at the barn. I say indulged because it truly is indulging. Danique is both a kick ass photographer and a natural horsemanship trainer. This weekend was for the latter. Hanging out with Danique is truly motivational.

Ace was spending the time with his other mama, Nikki who leases him 3 days a week from me and I got to spend my time with the lovely Emmy, who is now also known as Strawberry Shortcake.

Despite promising weather forecasts it remained way too chilly for my liking but it didnt dampen our spirits too much. Coupled with the coffee machine in the barn, baileys for the coffee and snacks, followed by Lobster sandwiches at lunch and chocolate it was a dreamy time.

Danique taught us to teach our horses that right next to us was the best place in the world, the only place they wated to be. They were engaged, thoughtful and listening fully. There were three groups and our group were in at 8.30am - 10am and then at 4pm to 6pm. In between the horses were flat out asleep as they were so very tired from all the thinking they did.

Even the kids got their ponies cantering beside them without halters or ropes of any kind. When we stopped they stopped, when we trotted they trotted and when we cantered so did they. ( My legs were sore from all the cantering I did on foot)

 Ace and Nikki - photos by Leslie King

Nikki, Ace and Danique
 Leslie and the wonderful Elmo
 me and the lovely Strawberry Shortcake, photos by Leslie King
 Jenna, owned by and photographed by Leslie King
 Teaghan and Holly

 Looking forward to another go at this in November.

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