Thursday, 20 April 2017

Chloe turns 13

Today my first born child, my beautiful, thoughtful, kind, considerate and funny child turns 13.
She has so much integrity in her life that it often blows me away. She also sometimes battles anxiety and the desire to hang out in her bedroom rather than get outside enough.
Shes an A student, has strong core values and often is bossy has strong leadership skills.

She loves animals, riding, reading and re-arranging her already tidy room. Shes suddenly discovered Hollister and Garage and sweaters with big price tags. She wants to be a marine biologist or a meterologist (something ologist anyway) and is already studying with her future in mind. Shes definately a planner like her mama.
Shes into horror flicks and likes the new Poltergeist (terrible compared to the original) and wants to scare herself, it takes me back to being this age when it was, for us, Nighmare on Elmstreet and Friday the 13th.
Shes adored by the whole family, including her little sister (long may the sisterly love last)

I feel fortunate to have her and every day thank my stars for my little family.

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