Tuesday, 27 August 2019

the end of August

Its the end of summer and it feels like it. July is so the beginning of my most favourite season - with all the heat and humidity and beach, lake and pool days. There is rarely any respite at the end of the day and the nights are complete with open windows and the ceiling fan going as we go to sleep in a 30C room. I love it.

August marks a change. The dawn is darker and the nights get cool. The evenings are noisy with the sound of the crickets and all my afternoon hacks with Ace are heralded by the crickets and the grass blowing in the still hot daytime breeze.

I can feel summer slipping away and as usual I almost welcome it. Ahead is Fall with all its beautiful colours, corn, Thanksgiving, Halloween, pumpkin spiced everything. Starbucks is clearly feeling it too as they released their Pumpkin Spiced Latte just this morning.

The pool ended for the season, much to all the sadness of the staff. I found this awesome photo of it in 1972 (top left).  This year the deck was painted and the colourful signs made it feel like a little tropical oasis in our community.
 We went on a sunset filled dog walk

This rock was left on our driveway with instructions to keep or rehide. We re-hid it for someone else to enjoy.

My tomato and cucumber plants are starting to bear goodies

Chloe and Paul going for a run

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