Saturday, 27 August 2011

a hot summers day, will it really all go crazy windy tomorrow?

Today its really HOT outside. Its been a great summer for us, my first decent summer ever. And today has been no exception, so after a quick trip to Sobeys for Hurricane Supplies  (nothing frozen - just in case we loose power!) we spent the afternoon in the pool. We really need to wash the cars, but I cant be bothered and its too hot!

Its hard to imagine that the weather may change to anything remotely Hurricane or stormy like. I can hear the pool filter and next doors water feature, the soft breeze in the trees. Currently its all rather pleasant. Paul upon finding I hadnt bought beer went off to the liquor store to buy what he calls "provisions"!

I have tried to be a bit healthy today,went out for an hours fast walk this morning at 7.30am and got waylaid by a Yard Sale where I got 600 outdoor lights (yes they work) and 600 indoor ones for $50 all in! So now we have Christmas lights!
When I got back we did our daily fitness regime of situps and press ups, joined by our two small ones, so it all became a bit hysterical as they tried to copy us.
It all just went a bit out the window though as I had second helpings of Pauls spag bol!

Paul today bought $700 worth of new laminate flooring for the basement now that the carpet (which I hated anyway has been removed, sodden from that flood a month ago!)

So, tomorrow we have to bring in all the outdoor furniture, and wind chimes and the BBQ and anything else not tied down and see what happens. Its so lovely right now, that I will have to take another walk this evening!

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