Tuesday, 30 August 2011

the morning after

Well the trees starting moving around quite a lot at about 7.30pm and so I took my walk which freaked the girls out a bit but it had been so hot that I just had to. When I got back Lily was pleased that I "wasnt dead after all"!! I think they had both been watching a little too much CTV news.
The breeze out there was nice to be honest, it had been so hot and humid (please note I LIKE humidity, must be the only one) that it felt like we had been wrapped in a hot and damp sauna towel all day.
I then engaged in battle with Paul over the windows. He had them all shut the instant it got a teeny bit windy and I opened them all again. When I turned my back, they were all shut again!
I'm like "come one, let the breeze in until we cant anymore!"
In my view those windows were open until they were being rattled to death.

(We have now found out that in a Hurricane you need to leave them a bit open to allow some air in and decrease any risk of them breaking - YES!)

So it got windier and then it was dark too so we couldnt see the trees only hear them, oh and the party going on at the neighbours - they were playing loud storm games.
We were invited over but were just too tired, which was annoying.

In bed (with the window open!) the trees were making a massive racket and the wind was so noisy at times, and this is just a Tropical storm with hurricane gusts.

At 2am I was a teeny bit scared, I could see the shadows of the trees bent double and hear the express train noise of the gusts. I am quite good at sleeping through this though and went back to sleep. Girls were together at this point in Chloes bed - bless Chloe.

The last majorly noisy gust was at about 5.30am I think.
Outside there were leaves everywhere and that was about it. Still gusting winds all morning but no biggy.I spent the whole day at work knackered.

As I type this its the morning after the morning after and all is still and calm and its promising to be another hot and beautiful day. I am loving August!
Oh and I am tired - feckin cat is waking us up scratching at the furniture at 5.30am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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