Wednesday, 24 August 2011

our first hurricane threat

In the last couple of days they have been discussing Hurricane Irene on the news. Its currently down by the Bahamas but is a potential threat to Nova Scotia.
I am pretty interested, given that this is the first hurricane to ever maybe affect me (apart from Wilma in Florida of course, but we were on holiday then, or should I say VACATION now)
Anyway, been tracking it a bit on stormpulse but otherwise planning on a normal weekend.

Today is Hump Day (Wednesday so the hump of the week), a term we got from our Florida pals but no one quite "got" in England, everyone understands it here.
Outside its warm again - 23 degrees - but it was decidedly cool when we got up this morning and dark at 6am.
I am starting to look forward to Fall!
Father in law is coming on the 15th September for a week - cant WAIT to see him again

Darling hubby has started his training for his new job and LOVES it, thank goodness hes happy. Hes happy, so am I.

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