Tuesday, 9 July 2013

holiday plans

I am SO excited.
We have decided not to drive to the US this year, thats for another year.
So now flights and accommodation in Orlando are booked and paid for - we are back at the Bahama Bay for  5 nights and our Key West house is also booked.

We had a family dinner meeting and picked Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure and Seaworld as our parks of choice.
Universal is a must for the ET ride and because I havent been there for 8 years. Islands of Adventure has Harry Potter so thats enormously important.
Seaworld is a family favourite and the last time we were there was when we decided to move to Canada so it has sentimental value to me.
Same for Bahama Bay. Its a very nice resort anyway but I simply have to be there again and KNOW that now we live in Canada, we dont have to board a plane at the end of our stay and head on back to the UK.

We drew the line at the number of parks, simply due to cost - $892 is the current number being flashed around for these parks alone and frankly thats a big hit to the pocket for a few days of fun.

RBC points are paying for our car rental and our last nights hotel stay on International Drive before we head on home.

It will be interesting to see how we feel about leaving Florida to come home this time, when home is here now and not in England.,

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