Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Its raining outside yet again, its rained pretty much every day for weeks now. Sometimes its for an hour or so, most of the time its a deluge and its been coming with gusting wind so the trees are noisy and the air is hot so it feels tropical.
I dont mind, I am still on the sofa nursing these 4 holes in my stomach, the big one is disgustingly bruised, its so bad I can hardly dare to look at it.
Its a nice sound too, I feel like I am in my summer den with the patio doors open to the deck and the noise of the wind and rain and the hot air thats drifting in as I watch HGTV and W Channel and E TV - keeping up with the Kardashians has even been viewed by me, that tells you how much TV is going on here....

I plan to return to work tomorrow from this reclined position on the sofa. I feel like normal life has come to a halt for me, all thats real is the TV, this room and the rain.

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