Thursday, 4 July 2013


I hardly dare to write this but I truly believe that summer has at last arrived! Its hot,majorly hot - 31C at 8.02pm and forecast to be hotter tomorrow and then more of the same for the next few days. Thunder showers are being threatened but thats ok, I like those.

I walked up and down my pool deck today enjoying the heat during my coffee break from working from home. I was wondering around on the ledge with my work BB in hand when it suddenly dawned on me that I wouldnt be hugely popular if I dropped it in for some random reason. Its not like I make a habit of losing control of my hands, but you never know.

That only lasted about 10 mins and I went back in. The inside of the house was cool thanks to all the windows being closed and the ceiling fans going - I love ceiling fans.

And I was grateful, grateful that being home in the summer feels like being on vacation to me. I hope that never grows tired.

I am now waiting on Paul to turn up from putting some benches together so we can go and walk Dukie together. I still cant take him in case he pulls suddenly, and its nice that we all go together. Summer is handy like that, bedtimes go out the window and I seem to be able to spend more time with the girls.

I love the warm softness of the air in the evening too, it feels good on my bare shoulders.

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