Saturday, 6 July 2013

hot weekend plans

We have a pool weekend planned and THAT IS ALL.,
Its going to be a feels like 41C today, I am already closing windows everywhere in an attempt (vain may I add) to shut the heat out of this house. Now I love this heat, love it but frankly I dont want a hot house.

We have friends coming round to hang out in the water, we will barbecue and we will hang out. I will lose my new found obsession with watching "Keeping up with the Kardashians" if I can, that show is a pile of crud but its like my guilty pleasure. But it has to go, oh yes.

It was Dukes second birthday on July 4th, so we need to get him a birthday present and I am currently in planning holiday mode.

My idea of planning holidays involves checking out all the menus of all the restaurants I plan to hit. This is a great phase of this whole trip and frankly, as we know where we are going this year and have been before, its even more pleasurable as I know whats ahead and its so much fun looking forward to being there again - Universal Studios,Seaworld, Bahama Bay resorts, Key West restaurants and Duval Street, snorkelling in the warm Keys waters, cant wait.

I love Orlando theme parks, especially as the girls are at this age. I hope though that I never become old and stuffy and unappreciative of them.

Its been YEARS since I was in the Keys, Chloe was 18 months old. This trip has been discussed for a long time now, and its coming up soon. The excitement in the house is starting to build.

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