Monday, 2 September 2013

Labour Day weekend

I was just indulging in my Sunday fest of online Tan Lines on the Key West Citizen on a Monday as its the long Labour day weekend and the column was about the significance of the Labour Day weekend to the writer and I realized as I read that that significance was starting to become our world too.

Its the last weekend before school starts this Thursday and my mornings of relative relaxation before work end. No longer will I be able to be all about me in the morning with my leisurely dog walk and preparation for the work day as all I need to do is pick the girls out of bed and drop them at the sitters, breakfastless and in their PJs with tangled hair and frowsty eyes.
It will replaced by increasingly frustrated tones (from me) of GET DRESSED, EAT YOUR BREAKFAST, BRUSH YOUR TEETH etc etc so that we can all leave together and they can be dropped off at school on my way in, before 7.55am....

I will start to arrive to work on time, that hasn't happened all summer, by really most people at work, as the summer carries on and people are barely there as they all soak up the heat, spend time in their cottages and go to bed late each day.

My children will start to view the Labour Day weekend as that weekend where they sort out their carefully selected school supplies into the new bags from that great shopping trip where I wanted to bawl in the aisles of Staples as I tried to follow the very specific lists of - 8x10 lined artists notepad with 2mg paper and pink spine etc etc and then had to pay out vast sums for the whole lot including the new Disney lunchbox that was a "must have" according to my youngest and has now joined the cupboard where there are other gently used completely serviceable lunchboxes that I had already bought for last year.....

We had planned to go to the Ovens today but the forecast looks damp, I don't mind, I am not sure I can be bothered to actually do anything today. Its been a nice weekend - we had late nights, walked down our road at 11.30pm on Friday night and picked out the Big Dipper in the clear starry night with the girls after hanging out at the neighbours at the end of the street where we ate horribly bad food and drank very nice beer and wine. We had a hot Saturday of a girly lunch for me and my pal and a Costco trip and then a pool afternoon and smorgeousbord of food get together as we all hung out. We do it so well. That was another late night. Yesterday I got in a run, a family movie afternoon and a family dog walk, then a movie evening with a on the edge of your seat thriller - oldie but goodie - Red Dragon.

So now I must walk the dogs (yes dogs) we have a new puppy, I will write about that adventure in my next update. Right now, I am savouring the calm before the storm and enjoying this long weekend....

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