Monday, 20 January 2014

a night at Stayners

We went out on Friday night in downtown Halifax. It was superb. We had a table booked at Stayners Wharf and because January doesn't as a whole support wandering about outside, that was all we had had planned.

They have a wonderful ambience of bar meets restaurant with live music and excellent food and because we don't eat out  much enough, its always a great pleasure to eat there. It would be a pleasure anyway but its even more so when its not often enough.

They even made us a cocktail that they no longer serve because we requested it. They dug out the recipe and threw it together, talk about service. We had a number of cocktails actually, they went well with the food. Too well.

They also make the best panfried haddock in Nova Scotia so that went down well too.

To be fair to the weather over the last week or so it wasn't too cold so it was an agreeable walk between Stayners and the car and Saturday saw me walking the dogs without a coat where I saw a woodpecker in a tree (the hammering was a dead giveway of course). This vexed me because this weather wasn't due to last but I figured that animals are smarter than us lot so hopefully he hadn't been tricked into thinking that Spring had sprung.

And winter came back with a clout on Saturday night with thick snowflakes that bent the trees over double and turned everything back into a winter wonderland again.

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