Tuesday, 7 January 2014


So, whats with the weather then???!!!
Today, I saw someone fall in front of me whilst crossing the road (thank goodness other pedestrians were there to offer assistance) and this was whilst I was sitting in some insane traffic going into Halifax and listening to the radios repeatedly warn of the rapidly increasing black ice everywhere.

So, lets backtrack a bit here......
So, after the blizzard  it was then incredibly warm - like 40 degrees warmer on Sunday which was blissful, felt like no jacket required weather and the sun shone and I felt like skipping everywhere in joy.

Then Monday, still warm but litres of rain fell which washed away all the snow on the road, and a fair amount on the grass, and that created its own misery at the Starbucks drivethrough... why cant they put a shelter up over these things, the rain lashes in as I shout my order into the little box thing.

Today, this evening, I stepped back out at 5.45pm into swirling snow and warnings of whiteouts.... yeah yeah... and that was exactly it. Driving into blindness, just swirling white in the darkness on the highway, on all that ice....

All the cars, there were a few, slowed right down and put their flashers on, we crawled at 40km/hr (that is like mega slow on a highway, for all my British friends its like rush hour speed on the M25) and felt fear.

I am not usually afraid of anything, I simply "dont do" fear. But tonight I did. Theres nothing like crawling in the dark, unable to decipher actual lanes, and following the car in front when you know you shouldnt do that, hell they may be driving into the lake. And you think all that, as you go along.

I got home ok, to write this, albeit late. I am now sitting here feeling cool in front of the fire, its minus 20 outside.... It feels like its been cold forever....

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