Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

It's almost 8am on the first day of a brand new year. If this were a new exercise book at school this would be a blank page of a new 365 page book.

And if that were really the case it would be a page of my best handwriting ( because that's how I rolled back in that day) with the date neatly written at the top of the page. And if I could, it would be with a brand new pen.

So in the spirit of that, I can happily say that my 2014 New Years resolutions would have been written on that page.
And I would also write that I have made some additions to the list and added -

  • No cakes or chocolate for the month of January. I mean how hard can this really be, its only 31 days out of 365. Lets ignore that it directly follows a period of much over-indulgence and a new habit of everyday choccy or cake or something fat and sugar laden.
  • To go on more trips, lets make the most of this life. We have decided to go to New York in the Spring, our first across border road trip.
Its now 6.44pm at night and its been a great day, although I think I got close to wind chill damage on my much shortened dog walk today - boy was it cold out there. My face was painful and even though I was only out there for about 15 mins, my face was bright red.
I got to talk to my dad today too, on skype, for the first time in a very long time - 
I told him about my blog, I hope he reads it - Dad I hope you are reading this, I write this for you too!!!

Last night I wrote on my brothers and my mums Facebook walls and on the #1 Father in Laws wall and Dons wall. I got all sappy and emotional and had to keep my messages in check, after all everyone else can see them and who wants to be seen by the FB world as a drip.
And as my grandparents in law do not go on FB, this is a Happy New Year to you both too, we love you.

Weather update:
Its snowing outside- big surprise there!

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