Saturday, 25 January 2014

Bucket list items

So I am always making lists of resolutions and things to spend money on in the house each year. I wonder if that budgeting side of me is a side effect of my job but nonetheless it helps but...

Those lists aside I still have items on the bucket list that resides in my head and many of those items have been on that list for donkey's years now.... The main reason for not managing to tick off some of the those that have been on that list since I was 17 is forging a career, buying homes, getting married and of course having children. There is nothing quite like small children to put a halt on big trips and most of my bucket list items that I am talking about here are big trips.

I had a dream at 18 and after watching City Slickers one rainy Saturday afternoon to go on a ranch holiday on Montana. I wanted to ride all day in wrangler jeans and a white cotton shirt and then be able to lay on my back and look at all that big sky.

Another biggie on that list is to sit on the edge (not a dangerous edge may I add) of the Grand Canyon with a coffee and watch the sunrise.

And I really want to go to see Amity, you know the fictional Jaws town, that's actually a real place in Cape Cod. I want to stand on that beach and stare out to sea in a Brody fashion.

I haven't done any of those at all, but they are still there. Instead I have indulged in child friendly Disney ( which rocks may I add)

and actually ticked one thing of my bucket list and that involved a sunrise and a dock and a cup of coffee in the Florida Keys, so that's a big old tick.

And we did a rather large bucket list item, we emigrated to Canada.

Sometimes when I am all involved in some daily drama at work I forget that we are actually here, we made it! That was a big, no a huge bucket list item that stretched right back to my first ET movie experience when I was 5 years old.

So now, to make sure that we stop, sit still, enjoy what we have and stop looking to make it better, those days are done. We are here, no need to move yet again, let's do some of those bucket list items.

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