Friday, 5 August 2016


What I love about August

  •  The sense that summer is marching on, its been hot forever and ever by now
  •  The darker mornings. When I walk the dogs at 6.30am it feels darker, it feels good, warm yet dark. Very different to the light bright mornings of July.
  • Almost hankering for Fall. Odd I know, I love summer but, and this is obviously why I live here, I love the season changing.
  • The river floats. The rivers and lakes are so warm that a river float is a joy.
  • Talking of lakes, a day down by Grand Lake. When no ones around or at most very few people. I don't care for crowds anymore.
  • Molson Canadian cider - pear or stonefruit. My new alcoholic "find" this year
  • Evenings at the barn. As the sky darkens earlier I get the comforting, familiar, homey sense of horses getting ready for the night.
  • The thought, the anticipation of everything pumpkin spice coming my way - mustn't wish it too soon, winters are too long here.
  • The ceiling fans going at night when the windows are open and the crickets are humming in the trees


  1. Like they say, "August is like the Sunday of summer!"
    How true?
    I absolutely love August. I love how everything slows down, summer is still in full swing yet it's not too busy, and suddenly there's more time to relax and take it all in.

  2. oh yes, how apt - it really is the Sunday of summer