Sunday, 28 August 2016

This day at the end of August

Its a blogging kind of morning. I can really feel a freshness in the air this morning which is sad but welcome. Last year at this time I dreaded the seasonal change, dreaded the on-coming winter months, went round in a funk about it all for weeks. This year, not so much. I am excited for Fall, for the beautiful trees, for Aces fluffy coat, for Halloween, soups, pie, roast dinners and all things pumpkin.

I am excited for the first snow fall, for Christmas tree hunting, for decorating the house, for mince pies and Winter Carnival keurig cups. For our late winter trip down to Florida.

Shortly I am going to put out the first load of laundry from the pile I have to get through today, get dressed, walk the dogs, come back and make Sunday brunch and then get ready for this afternoons neighbourhood pot luck. Paul will vacuum the house as that's his thing and then clean up the kitchen no doubt after brunch. We have fallen into such routines of who does what in this house that its very comforting.

We have a new lodger on the property, hes a Groundhog who spends his time when not living under the woodpile, sunbathing on the lawn. Hes very cute and we are just trying to figure out if he can stay or if hes a hazard to our newly installed, cost an arm and a leg, drainage system. I do hope he can as apparently they like dandelions and I can use all the help I can get fighting those.
(Picture shows him sat on the palette in front of the logs, almost camouflaged)

This evening I have a riding lesson booked. So looking forward to it. I love Sundays.

Some photos below of some of August:
Ace in his fly ears

 Girls lunch at Boston Pizza
 Pool days
 Work on a Friday

 Dogs chilling
School supplies shopping

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