Wednesday, 17 August 2016


I have come to realize how intolerant of some noise I have become, always other peoples noises granted but I have to literally hang onto my temper sometimes. It includes the sounds of eating, cant bare it. The sounds of whistling, other people tapping into their keyboards when in a meeting, its so hard to tune that out.
The sounds of fans or water left on. The sound of the ceiling fan if its set on full speed, its loud and I can envisage it flying off and decapitating me or something similar. I cant sleep until the speed is changed.
The sound of some little dude with his killer exhaust that breaks the sound barrier in your ear drums as he revs his engine past you. Whats the point?

Other sounds I simply adore - the pool pump, crickets, the trees in the breeze. The rain drumming on the roof, windows, side of the house. The beagle down the road that joins in when the fire truck rushes past with its lights and sirens going. The long drawn out train whistle (even at 5am). The silence of the house when no one is here. The sound of the waves crashing on Martinique beach.
I think I will always need to live in a house that's surrounded by trees. I will always need a vacation rental home near the beach.

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