Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Paul in England

Its been a few days of alone time, well not exactly alone, I have the girls and Don but I dropped Paul off on Monday  evening so that he coud catch the 11.30pm AC flight back to LHR
Yes, hes gone back to England, some say gone back home, but its not home, here is home. One of his friends is sick and I mean ill, she has cancer just about everywhere and he needed to see her. So we made a decision and with the help of the oh so wonderful Destiny Travel we secured a cheaper flight than I could find online and off he went. The silver lining to this is that he was able to turn up unexpectedly at his dads birthday bash at the Chinese, and have crispy duck (I SO miss crispy duck)

His dad was blown away by his presence there – ah so lovely.
He was picked up by Angie at LHR in our old car (weird) and hes staying round the corner from our old house. Hes been for a couple of walks and his instant feeling (he says) is that he wouldn’t move back.
So, I am still walking and running with the doofus dog and getting  the girls off to school and daycare and me into work as usual and I miss him loads.

Today is cold too, -10 outside with a windchill of -18 and we have a storm front moving in tomorrow  so that should be fun!

Here are some pics I took the other morning with my phone, the sky was pink, so pretty

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