Monday, 23 January 2012

the sleepless nights of indecision

For a short/long while over Christmas I delved into the world of maybe working for myself. There were others that I know that are doing it and I was being told how lovely it is to be your own boss and how much money they were making. (And they aren’t qualified accountants – GGGR and double GGGGRR)

As I am still in my first Canadian company, my salary is low for my qualification and the role I am doing. I accept(ed) this and just got on with it, knowing that every minute that ticked by was another minute on my Resume. I also know that without this job we would not have got our TWP’s and therefore would have been paying healthcare etc etc and been unable to get our mortgage at a decent rate as we were effectively without status here in NS.

Now though we have PR so the work permits no longer apply and my itchy feet were kicking in. I am a little tired of struggling financially when I know I am being paid less than I should. It doesn’t help of course that Pauls own foray into the working world here is a tough one.

So anyhow, I started to research the wonderful world of working for myself and got far enough down the road of meetings to gain information and sleepless nights – lots of them. And then it was casually mentioned by another accountant in BC that I should check with my designation that I don’t need a public practise licence. And hence I realise that that’s a toughie. I am currently transferring from CIMA to CMA. Therefore I can’t ask CIMA as they have no authority (I don’t think) here and I can’t ask CMA as as yet I don’t belong to them. Therefore its easier to work for oneself as a non qualified accountant as you are not breaking any rules.

So, I decided to shelve this whole idea and get a decent nights sleep, and that I did. Thankfully, as insomnia was becoming my friend (or enemy)

Now, weeks down the line, I have shelved the whole idea indefinitely as I am just too young to be working for myself and potentially going from small company to small company doing small company stuff. This just isn’t me, bring on the big guns I still say!

So now, who knows, minutes are still ticking by on my Resume and I must find out from CMA whats the latest with my transfer.

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