Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday musings

Now I have of course seen ice before and hell even lived with it but not like the ice thats currently all over the road outside. On Friday the schools were closed in anticipation of another Atlantic storm that was predicted to touch down late morning, the forecast was for 1-5cm of snow, followed by freezing rain and then rain. I wasnt too worried and wondered what all the fuss was about. The snow didnt really start till 2pm and then fell abit, still not worried as it was far less snow than we have had here before. Then the freezing rain started but I was unaware as by then it was dark and I was inside.
Yesterday morning, inspection from through the windows showed a wet looking road so out I stepped with Duke to walk him up the road. Once I was on the road I stopped, as I was on an enormous sheet of ice. The whole road was a sheen of it, like I have never seen before and for one hysterical moment I wasnt sure how to move next without breaking a leg.
Today its still there and the dog is now on day 2 without a walk.

One of my Sunday pleasures, apart from speaking to Ange on skype, is to read the online column by Mandy Bolen Miles on the Keys News website whilst consuming my breakfast. I so enjoy this time and little snippet of life there that I need complete tranquility to get into the "zone". Therefore I always feed the others first and once they have departed from the table, I settle down with my coffee and pancake or muffin and get my weekly Keys fix.
We have a large upcoming vacation there within the next 12 months and quite frankly the trip starts here, each Sunday morning at breakfast.

Quite a few of my "friends" in blogland have recently had babies and I so love reading about their lives with their newborns and remembering how it felt for us to to be in babyland. It also brings it to my attention how far out of the trenches we now are and how easy life is now when I hear my two playing in front of the fire while I consider my next life move. Its once again, a bit more about me again, with a slight twist of course.

Sometimes when I am fretting about something inane like jobs or money I have to remind myself of the big picture. We are of course, better off than many. We live here for a start in a lovely 2500 square feet of house with a pool on a large plot in a great subdivision of NS, Canada! We are not fretting about the immigration process from a three bedroom semi in the South of England, where my neighbour can hear if I drop my book - "are you ok I heard a bang?" "Yes thanks, all is well, I dropped my book" - OMG!
And we are well on our way in our "big plan" as Paul likes to call it. Yes theres more, my plan is to live here happily and when our children leave school and maybe home downsize this house to a bungalow in Chester and then become snowbirds,driving to the Keys each NY day until the middle of April to a rented apartment or little conch house. Bring it on!

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