Monday, 16 January 2012

Pauls on his way home!

So Paul is on his way home, I am tracking his flight online and hes nearly over Newfoundland! Yay!
This week has gone by reasonably quickly. I had Chloes friend over for the sleepover from hell on Friday night, big mistake. I could have cheerfully strung up those two seven year olds!
We had some reasonable snow and some decent minus temps, today is minus 16 with a feels like of minus 25. I thought it was a bit brisk when I took the dog out for a pee in my PJs this morning!

I have been reading that winter has hit the UK as temperatures drop to zero. I had to laugh at this. I guess my tolerance for zero temps has changed. Now zero feels absolutely fine to me, almost dont need a jacket weather!

Yesterday I decided to vacuum the house as it was a bit hairy - thanks Duke - its been all of 5 days since my last vaccum up and I managed to fill up the whole cylinder with his hair, I cant believe how hairy that dog is. Its lucky hes so sweet!

I think the girls have missed Paul big time. Lily has been sleeping with either Chloe or me, she seems very unhappy to be in her own bed. I think we need to stick a door on her closet sooner rather than later, it seems to freak her out at night.
Today I managed to not want a McDonalds but had last nights leftover shepherds pie for lunch and a satsuma.

Right, back to work.- after I check the flight status again of course!

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