Friday, 6 January 2012

snow and traffic

Yesterday it was snowing pretty much all day, lots of it but laid quite slowly, the plows werent out until about 4pm. So I checked the highway cams and all was ok and left work and gaily went straight down the on ramp to the 102. It was a little strange to see two cars reversing back up but I put it down to the way Nova Scotians drive. Weeelll, I soon saw what had caused it as I went straight into the back of an almighty traffic jam.
Now this really was a traffic jam that wasnt moving, after 10 mins of being there I turned off the engine and slowly got cold and a little narked. I am no longer used to having to be stationary on any road against my will.

I decided to call my handy friend at a towing company to get the low down and she was busy sending her tow trucks to the next exit to drive back down the wrong way to clear it, her prognosis was a long wait.
So, where I was at was next to a reasonable shallow dip in the median and I watched a truck slowly edge over the side into the dip and scramble up the other side and drive off. I figured I was in a good spot for some entertainment and watched with some fear each time someone followed that they would get stuck whilst also thinking "ok for you in your 4 wheel drive". Then I saw a car do it and another and then a queue (or line as we say here) formed and then the cars right next to me left.
I thought and thought and then thought "F&&k it and with me heart in my mouth pointed our Pontiac G6 (nice and low) at it and went for it.
Well the car was outstanding, we got through it, up the other side, slid abit on the slush that was now there and we were up and away - free!
When I got home that highway was still closed with poor souls sat there - probably just the 18 wheelers and old ladies. I love my winter tires!

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