Thursday, 10 May 2012

Florida in May

Its 6.29am and I am sitting on my bed with the patio doors open. I can hear the birds, feel the warmth of the air rolling into this air conditioned room and see the beautiful lake outside. I have been really lucky with this room as its on the lake side and the view is amazing. Each morning I just sit here and gaze.
Each night I can hear the 10pm fireworks at the Magic Kingdom and can both see and hear the big green dragon in the water at 10.15pm as it goes through its nightly musical pattern thats extremely loud.

I have learnt a good amount in my daily seminars about risk and communication, adding value and building rapport as an auditor. I have met some interesting people, eaten some amazing food and swam in the pool at 9pm which was a great way to end a day.

This room is luxurious (to me anyway) it has a Thai feel to it and I have enjoyed the peace of being with just myself. I have got my Simba and Nala's for the girls and have a couple of presents left to buy at the Seaworld store at the airport tonight. All in all, its been very nice and I will miss this morning routine.

What I have learnt interestingly enough is how much I love peace. Its very noisy here in the hotel, my room is lovely but its a packed hotel and I see princesses everywhere and the noise is incredible at times. One of my favoutite times is the morning walk to the conference centre outside. Orlando has a smell that I love, I think its in the humidity.
The girls and Paul have been fine, hes had a good week by all accounts and they are ok as I managed to track down their Lion King babies on my first night.
I have to pack soon, I have calculated that should take about a minute as I can throw it all in, then another minute to do a room check for any items that I have missed. In the meantime I shall enjoy the view

Now, wheres my coffee

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