Saturday, 5 May 2012

Saturday sun

Its Saturday morning and I can see Mr Dukie lying outside on the now green grass in the sun. Its promising to be a nice warm day.
Paul is asleep from his second to last night shift for a while and Chloe is bending my ear about going out today and buying a new dragon.

I have some washing to do and then dry ready for tomorrows trip to Orlando, oh and of course the packing needs to be attended to (yawn - I hate packing)

Last night the girls and I sat around my first solo firepit this year which was sweet. The air was warmish, the peepers were out, the fire was a good one and I had a glass of wine and some zesty tostitos. The girls were playing in the dark and then our neighbour came over to hang out. It was a very nice Friday evening.

I sat there looking at the back of our house and thought - we used to have to fly 3000 odd miles on a 9 hour flight to Jenne and Shanes in Florida to experience exactly this, if we were lucky once a year. Now we have it each weekend, about 9 yards from our back door. Life is good.

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