Thursday, 3 May 2012

Fuel economy shocker

This morning whilst perusing my new edition of Canadian Living magazine which had dropped neatly into the mail box and then was retrieved by Paul and found by me on the kitchen table I saw an ad for the new 2012 Dodge Caravan and I read with some interest the small print at the bottom which states that this mini van has a fuel economy of 7.2L/100km
So, at 6.30am (I do all my best work at this time) I decided to do some research that we should have done whilst in England and look at the fuel economy of our own two cars.
Now obviously our G6 days are numbered given my new purchase of the 2012 Hyundai (rhymes with Sunday here) Accent which has a fuel economy of 4.8L/100km (YES!) Anyways, the G6 according to Google has a fuel usage of (wait for it!) 11L/100lm (well that’s SHOCKING!) and our loved Chevy Uplander is at 13L/100km which is also scandalous.

So now I am researching a replacement for the van at some point, obviously not for now as I don’t want two cars on finance (although I WISH I could, I hate paying too much to Esso!) I so wish we had armed ourselves with this knowledge prior to purchasing our vehicles last year, we would have saved so much money.

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  1. I suppose that at least I get airmiles on my aeroplan card with Esso, thats lessened the pain a little