Monday, 28 May 2012

weekend update

I finally got to the see the Hunger Games on Friday night. A pal and I got an evening pass from the kids and the chores and life as we know it and giggling like a couple of schoolgirls entered the Empire Theatre in Bayers Lake. I don’t know if it’s the length of time since I have been to the flicks or if it’s a new country but I was amazed that you can scan your iphone (if you have one of course) and get your tickets on the machines there.
Also, you can buy your tickets the good old fashioned way but at the same counter as you order your over-priced refreshments which I thought was cool…
Theres no sweet popcorn here in Nova Scotia. Instead they cover it in butter, and I mean they ladle a spoonful of hot melted BECEL into your bag – hmmmmm not so sure about that one. Apparently there are toppings so I enquired what they are in the hope that cinnamon would be mentioned but instead heard – cheese, hot peppers (on popcorn???!!!), Cajun (???) so I declined and went with the butter.
The film was very good and we got out at midnight. I am starting to not love the distance between our home and everywhere else – ie Halifax, especially at midnight! Got home and everyone was out the back still around the fire so I joined them until 2am which was a big mistake as Duke of course woke me at 6.15am!!! Gah
So that meant that Saturday felt like I was hung over all morning but ended well at Traceys with some new friends and some food – bbq, smores, curry – mmmmmmm and another late night
Sunday we spring cleaned the front room within an inch of its life. This spring cleaning lark that I was so looking forward to is starting to lose its shine and then we hit Chapters and H&M and Costco.

I have to say that Chapters is amazing, Its enormous and it has a Starbucks in it which reminds me of when mum and I were in Toronto. I love book shops and I love Starbucks so having them combined rocks my world.
I got some good deals in H&M and a stonking deal in Old Navy. I have been stalking Old Navy for a while now as it had a dress in there that I wanted for Chloe but at $40 it was a no way jose dress. I went in and said dress was on the sale rack – there was just one left age 8 for $12.59 – bargain!!!!
And finally – I saw this cute number on the way to work the other day:

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