Thursday, 17 May 2012

Thursday stuff

Its been an interesting week so far, on Monday I picked up our new car and quickly realised that even though I have been driving automatics for 1 year and a standard for all my driving years before that, that I had essentially forgotten that I need to put the my foot on the clutch when trying to put it in reverse and also when I come to stop. Its been all of 4 days now since it arrive with 10km on it (10!!!) and I think I have managed to get back into the groove of driving “properly”
I am in love with its gas mileage big time and Chloe has named it Winter after the dolphin as its blue.
I am off again on an audit on the 4th June and its in Sydney NS which is great as I get to see a whole lot more of this province, especially as we are driving there, BUT its scheduled to be in the same week as my babysitters one and only vacation in 15 years so that’s added to the complications of finding somewhere for my children to be that week.
My colleague has resigned from work as hes going to an exciting new opportunity after 5 years of audit and taxation and I am SAD about it. Hes been super helpful since I got here and hes also a hoot. We have a laugh everyday and I believe that work should have a fun aspect to it. He’s going to be very much missed here.
Today I am knackered as Miss Lily decided that she wasn’t tired in the small hours of this morning and arrived at my side of the bed (shes clever not to chose Pauls side!) every 10 mins to announce that shes not tired. She also brought me some things she had picked up from downstairs.
She was as bright as a button so I told her to play quietly in her room, 2 mins later I could hear her singing.

Its getting hotter and hotter (although it is in fact raining today) and the blessed June bugs are out. I can hear them tapping at the windows at night. They are horrid and I have heard tales of them getting stuck in your hair which fills me with horror. The blackfly are also out, I so wish they would invent something to eradicate blackfly, they are useless horrible insects, right up there with mosquitos.


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