Thursday, 14 June 2012


Some things mystify me here in Nova Scotia heres a list of my top 5:
Cheez Whiz – how on earth do people a) buy that stuff in the first place b) spread its mustard yellow/orange processed gunk on their bagel, toast , bread etc and c) actually eat it?
Its disgusting. It epitomises processed crap, whats the attraction?

Peanut Butter – on crackers, in chocolate, in most peoples daily diet, in cookies, in cakes – oozing out the centre.  Whats the big deal? I mean I like it, its nice stuff on toast. Not sure I could lick it off of a knife though and I draw the line at peanut butter in cakes.

Kraft Dinner – another yellow/orange processed food item. Its cheap and its meant to (I think) be an attempt to be macaroni cheese and my kids love it. I have to restrict them to one a week and although I make it I cant bear to try it, I mean its cheese in a powder form that then turns into a runny form - yuck!

Running lights on cars  - here it’s the law to have your front lights on ALL THE TIME. Now that’s great if you don’t wish to be run over by a silent car on a dark day BUT it means that drivers lose the ability to turn on their lights in bad weather such as fog or driving rain and so you cant see them when you come up behind them. Now this is interesting (lets use that word) when they fly down a slip road and cut you up in the fog. All of a sudden they are there in front of your nose, you can see an outline of a car but you are not sure until you are nearly in an accident. They can see you as you have your lights on but they have cut you up anyways and they have just their running lights on (their front lights to us Brits) And lets remember here this is on a Highway where you are going at lets say 100km/hr
Maybe they are never taught in driving lessons to turn on lights perhaps they don’t know how to locate the switch in their car to do so. Every day there is bad weather its on the radio, that cheery reminder to turn your lights on. Given that those drivers are on the road and cant see a damn thing you would think they need no such reminder – TURN YOUR LIGHTS ON PEOPLE!

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  1. God, I agree with all on your list, LOL, though I have developed a taste for peanut butter cookies now.