Monday, 4 June 2012

Monday mis-mogs

Its been a period of time of cool weather merging back to warm weather and back to cool. Last week was horrible, damp, grey and overcast. The weekend was lovely and warm, today its miserable but that’s ok as it suits my mood.
I actually went out out on Friday night, a meal with work at the Keg and then a bit of a boogie at the Ale House. I was majorly impressed once again with The Keg and the Ale House was good fun. I managed to drink 4 glass of Beringer, 2 cocktails and some kind of shot. But once in the Ale House was back on the water which was good, I think there may have been a coffee in there at some point too.
Got into bed at 3.45am and then couldn’t sleep at all. I think I managed a whole 45 mins before we were awoken by children.
It was then a pants Saturday as I was SO tired. I am glad the house was relatively clean as I was NOT cleaning it at all this past weekend.
Then Sunday was another quiet one, I was still feeling wiped out by the Friday night fun and Lily was sick too so we just chilled really.
Well chilled until Paul killed my clematis with his over-zealous strimmer which broke my heart, I think I have been feeling over-sensitive anyway, so the peace gave way to tears and some rage (from me, I am SUCH a grownup)
I also managed to see a bit of the Queens Jubilee celebrations on Sunday which was very nice, I feel very patriotic now I don’t live in England anymore, I wonder why that is.
Anyway, today I am back at work and sad, I have no colleague anymore and had to sort my first alone lunchtime walk out for a while. He, I am sure is having a great day – first days in new jobs should be great days afterall.
I need a holiday, a trip to Key West, that should do it.

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  1. Oh...the Ale House! Many a good night was spent there! I'm sad that I haven't found a place like it here in Pembroke!