Monday, 11 June 2012

sick as a sick thing with the word sick written on it!

OMG I was so sick last week.  Lily picked up a bug last Sunday that made her sick all Sunday and not too great on Monday. Thankfully Monday was a rainy day so Paul was home and therefore able to care for her and I came to work, well at 3pm I decided to pay attention to the fact that I felt not so great too. I have a 40 mins drive home over 50km so decided to bail from work at that point.
It was a great idea as by 4.30pm I was throwing up like no tomorrow. And there was no respite from the nausea, it was just constant all night. Tuesday was a day of weakness and headache and Wednesday I just felt awful.
Thursday saw me back at work but still feeling wiped out. This continued until Sunday midday, this feeling of utter awfulness. I felt like I was pregnant again, it was awful. No energy, constant nausea, I had to breathe through the wish to just lie down constantly.
BUT now I am fine and the sun is shining. I am going to get out there at lunchtime and walk around the million dollar homes in the Northwest Arm area that are right on my work doorstep and feel the heat. It says its 16C out there currently with blue skies and sunshine but the heat is growing by the minute, its set to be 22C today.
I am really glad I am not in England right now (aren’t I always though!) as its raining raining raining relentlessly there and it’s a whopping 12C
This week we have plans to go out to sushi with my now ex-colleague (sob) and his wife and we are really looking forward to that one.  Madagascar 3 is now out in the theatres too so we need to take the girls to see that tout suite!

We had our wood delivered last week for next winters heat. This is all down to Pauls excellent planning, so that’s being stacked (without my help) in the wood pile so that’s the winter heat bill taken care of. We had to get a new filter for the pool too as it was leaking and too small for the size of the pool, good bye $300! (on a deal too, can you imagine how we would have felt if it hadn’t been!)
New car is still going well, I LOVE it. I think I love its fuel efficiency and savings to my pocket the most but it’s a cute car. I also just got my first ever android phone and feeling the love of being on the same planet as the rest of the world technology phone wise.
Hope everyone has a great day and those in the UK – stay dry!

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