Sunday, 14 April 2013

calling Summer!

Ok, so where is Spring? Where are you, we are waiting for you!
Its been snowing all damn weekend, its not really the lay on the ground and hang around variety, although you could have fooled me on Friday night when real amounts of centimeters of the the stuff settled out there, but more the in the air variety.
If its not snowing its raining and its dreary and its frankly dull. Overcast and grey which I cant stand and reminds me too much of England.

I am hanging onto the memory of how summer sneaks in, overnight and takes you by surprise with its heat and humidity and how suddenly there are large plants in the garden that most definitely weren't there the day before and you have about 5 minutes before the bugs wake up.

I am remembering the car being full of sand constantly and of a trail of it through the house, how my flipflops are either on my feet or tossed carelessly in the hall when I want to get them off and feel the coolness of the tile under my feet. How we actually shut windows to shut out the heat. This is a phenomenon that took me a while to get my head around last year.

I am remembering, of course, and lovingly, the sound of the pool filter and the creepy banging around as it does its maintenance round in the pool. Happy sounds and happy days.

But, until then, we wait. We listen in dismay at more "weather" announced on the radio and I have to remind myself that actually this is still only April!

Come on Spring, closely followed by Summer,. I am more than done with Winter already

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