Monday, 22 April 2013

Chloe is 9

It was Chloes birthday at the weekend. 9 years old, that means I am 9 years older but lets brush over that fact quickly.
Shes a sweetheart, very serious, very sensitive child. Shes learning a lot about friendships and the dynamics that come with them.
Shes still in touch and hangs out with her BFF Leah in England, skype is a wonderful invention.

Shes dropped her English accent almost completely and has stopped wanting those awful Findus waffles at last.
Shes a picky eater but shes getting better, roast dinner finally has the thumbs up. She loves animals especially Mr Dukie and can be heard shouting loudly at her sister to "get out of my room"
The ocean has her vote along with all ocean mammals especially dolphins and whales.
This past winter she learnt to ski extremely quickly.
She got an Ipod Touch for her birthday - I dont even have one of those!

Happy Birthday Chloe, enjoy your last year in single digits xxxx

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