Friday, 19 April 2013

the peepers are back

Its here! Zipppeeee
When I left work this evening at 5pm the breeze was warm! Warm I tell you!!!
I have had some good lunchtime walks this week, without my coat on as well, the sky was blue, the sun hot and the breeze cool but not cold.

Tonight when I went outside at dusk I heard the peepers. They were so loud and it was a most welcome sound, I felt like my heart would burst with happiness. This means its Spring, which means in short weeks it will be Summer which means I am uber happy.

Tonight we have some girls here for Chloes sleepover birthday party, shes 9 years old tomorrow which I find incredible really. Shes a good girl and just wanted some girls round. Its been very noisy and a touch manic but great.

This week I have had sore knees so havent been running at all, I am mad about this as its not in line with my Mud Hero training plan but I have started pushups. Not real ones, I have to do them on my knees but I managed 15 yesterday and I will do the same today and maybe I can run tomorrow.

Lately I am working too hard, but its yearend so hopefully there is some light at the end of the tunnel

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