Friday, 12 April 2013

Mud hero is entered for

I am super excited!

I just bit the bullet so to speak and entered myself for the Mud hero event in July.

Its a 6km race over a lot of mud with some army style fences and rope ladders and tunnels thrown in and like stacks of mud. I cant wait. I am not worried about the 6km side but the mud is freaking me out slightly, I dont naturally choose to roll around in mud so that will be weird. Maybe I should practice the mud side of things in the leadup..... I am in for the 9.30 start time and I will now be hitting the gym like every day on top of my running!
Its actually really nice to have a goal in sight and have something crazy to aim for.

I also fancy the Bluenose still and the Bay of Fundy race, I need to get some more cash together to enter those though...

We also have some guests staying from May through to July so that makes me happy. My cousin arrives around May 8th and leaves around the 22nd, Pauls dad arrives on the 25th for a week, mum comes on June 6th until the 26th and friends are here from the UK for two weeks in July.

Tonight we have a friggin winter storm of all things coming in, I mean like seriously!!!! I plan to hit the bath in a mo and then stay up ridiculously late watching movies because I dont do that anymore and I should.

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