Saturday, 20 April 2013

Inspiration on the Linkedin Homepage

This morning I logged into Linked in and read the posts on the homepage. This is one of my new daily rituals that is only recently discovered and its great. It gives me the opportunity to read inspiring posts about career, business strategy and new trends. The posts that have the greatest pull are about new trends, thinking outside the box, change management and how to drive your business or career forward, being aware of how dynamic the world is and how to keep up. It also focuses on what can happen if you are unaware or dont keep up.

The best writers have my interest the most... and I think its because lately I have really been focusing on where my career is going here in Nova Scotia. I believe this is one of the aspects of emigrating that I didnt really focus on at any point in time in the lead up, mainly because there was so much else to think about.

I was comfortable in the UK, even when I was uncomfortable there, I was *more* comfortable than I am here on some days. I feel the slow desire to change here and see how uncomfortable it makes many people, even those in positions responsible for a company's success. I was and am still, more used to the UK way of working. There is more drive generally, more desire to look at why something fails and what the company as a whole can do about it. That may be what happens here but its certainly not the perception that I have. And so, I am still trying to understand what drives people, what the working culture is and how companies succeed when it appears that many employees are unaware of the big picture and actually dont care for it. They are more interested in what *they* can get from their job and what time they get to leave for the day.
Yes, they work hard but they dont look at why they do something and what they can do to make it more efficient thereby allowing themselves to pick up something else too.....
I am more interested in getting past the daily grind, minimizing it so that its still achieved but you then get time to look at whats new, what can be new, what can be changed, whats wrong with the picture and how it can be put right.....

This morning, I came across a post on Marissa Mayer, new CEO of Yahoo and it was about her decision to pull working from home at Yahoo. I read this with interest as of course its going against the current grain, but mostly because lately I have felt more inclined to work late at the office, than work from home. I get more done there as its harder these days to even concentrate here as I am pulled into what is important to a 9 and 5 year old. And I believe in team spirit, in the great things a cohesive team can achieve. You cant get this if you are not even working together.

I also love to read the views of intelligent, dynamic individuals... Lately I have been considering how I am going to continue to grow here in my career as an Accountant. I dont want to just be someone who analyses past data into present reports, I want to be part of the future of the company I am in. I want to look back and say - I was part of that!

So... now I am following this inspirational female and other driven writers on Linked in home page.

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