Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Insomnia is hateful

So last night I woke at 2am (my most favourite time to be wide awake) and then couldnt get back to sleep till 4.30am (standard stuff) so this evening I went to bed at 9.15pm as was feeling so incredibly shattered. How fabulous, I thought prematurely, as here I am at 12.44am and I havent managed a wink of sleep AT ALL.

I am SO horribly busy at work right now that frankly I need to be asleep but of course I cant go to sleep. I can see my planned 6am run with Duke disappearing into the ether as thats the time I will be dragging myself out of bed instead of bouncing out all bright eyed and bushy-tailed as I had envisaged.
I had such plans of an endorphin inducing early run followed by a scrumptious healthy breakfast that I need to be awake to make.

I can foresee a horrible day at work tomorrow where I will struggle to get half of what I need to do, done. I have even thought of logging onto work now and doing some but the server will be slow and half of what I need to do it, is sitting on my desk and actually I am tired....(my eyes hurt!) also, once I start that, I wont get ANY sleep as my brain will sleep into stressy worry mode and that will be it for tonights sleep - game over.

So... in an attempt to break out of the lying in bed and trying to sleep while obsessively thinking of what I have to do at work, mixed up with panic that I am still awake and therefore stuffed for tomorrow, I am sitting downstairs in the dark staring at this computer screen and thinking - how is it that we turn to a laptop in such times....

I am also on FB whilst writing this complaining to my lovely friend down in Arkansas that I am awake and all the reasons why. She has just suggested rubbing my feet together to make me sleepy. I am hopeful that will work some magic, so I will log off here and go back to bed and see if it works. Fingers crossed.

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