Monday, 27 May 2013

rain and visitors

Its been crazy busy around here lately, so much so that I am even behind on my Key West Citizen column obsession.
My cousin came to stay, that's a somewhat loose term in some ways as he was here, then he went to PEI, then he came back. He was fun, we laughed, ate too much horribly bad for you food, discovered Big Stop breakfasts and saw an array of weather. It went from hot enough to consider shorts (1 day) to cold enough to huddle around a firepit in hat and gloves and wonder where Spring had disappeared to.

On the day he went back home, #1 FIL arrived and has been here since. Its great to have him here but the weather has been atrocious! Its overcast, grey and raining, but not cold - thank God!
So,,, we haven't had a visit like last time, we haven't set foot near a beach or even really into Halifax. Its so annoying. But we have been to Montanas!

I mean that you could argue that its only May, but this time last year we had the pool up and running and had been in it. This year, its still waiting to be fixed so its full of ugly brown freezing cold water and I cant imagine wanting to dip one toe in it, even if it wasn't so hideous.

I am also still in Insomnia land, I have been awake since 3am, its now 5.32am, I gave up around 4 and came down, logged onto work and did some tax.... hmmmmmmmmmm
Now I am considering some snack (cousin Paul would refer to it as snackage) options. PB on toast is looking remarkably tempting at 5.32am. Thank God I have today off work.
I plan a 10km bike ride - IF its not raining - and then its the annual school picnic, not sure what happens there in the likely event of rain.

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