Saturday, 18 May 2013


I seem to be at a standstill in so many ways, a plateau maybe.

Running - I cant get past 5km. I cant run as often as I would like,  I seem to be losing my mojo for it slightly, so of course I am not improving. I ran 5km today and it was fine, perhaps I should have pushed to see if I could go further and see what happened. I still get that buzz out of the last lap at the Sportsplex, that rush as I practically sprint around the track.

Weather - its cold still, whats with that? Maybe thats half my problem, summer is still elusive, I simply cant see myself at the beach here in NS, like ever again!

Work - I am working too hard, too many hours and I cant seem to get on top of my work load. The only plus point is that its interesting. I am learning a lot about technical things and people, how they behave, how I behave in return. How I should behave. I spend a lot of time thinking that I should have handled something differently.

Spring cleaning - I am working too many hours and hence the spring cleaning is behind, we have still only managed two rooms - two main rooms admittedly - the whole basement and the living room but at this rate by the time we manage more we will have to do these again.

So - really I need to up my game. I have mud hero in a month and a half and I havent managed to build my strength anymore, I need to get to the gym!

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