Sunday, 5 May 2013


I have been very lapse in the last two weeks in updating this, I seem to have lost my Blogging mojo but its come back a bit so I thought Id get in here quick and do an update

Lilys Birthday
So last weekend Lily turned 6, she had a princess party which really meant we had a lot of little girls dressed up and making a lot of noise in the house. She had some great presents and it was an all round fabulous and tiring day.

Pool and Spring cleaning
We decided to open the pool early this year which was actually very fortunate as when the cover was removed it became quickly obvious that the pool liner had come to the end of its useful life, its split everywhere.... so now that means we need to buy a new one and get it installed. I actually dont mind this as it gives us a chance to pick a fabulous mosaic style one and Paul can install it himself - cue we save ourselves $1000!
(yes a thousand bucks! thats a huge saving!)

Yesterday we spent the whole day cleaning, the WHOLE DAY! There was dust on top of dust. Given that the heats making a return the fire is now off for the season and we washed, cleaned, mopped and hoovered endlessly yesterday getting rid of all the winter dirt. It feels good but it was a whole Saturday.
Afterwards I got out on my bike for a 10k circuit - I simply had to!

Our Brit visitor season has started again ( I love this!), my cousin is currently over the Atlantic on a flight Toronto bound, he will then pick up a car and will prob descend on us tomorrow evening. That is cool, I havent seen him for over two years. When he leaves mid-month he will be replaced by the number one Father In Law for a week. Then my mum arrives for 3 weeks in early June. Our guest suite will be full and that makes my day.

The Peepers are well and truly out along with the damn mosquitos and the warmer weather. We have some great temps forecast for this week - 23C being one of them and it shows, the grass is green, plants are shooting up (not in the drug related way!) and the leaves are returning,. I have a feeling that the humidity is not far behind - woot!

We may take advantage of mum being here and go on a short trip - I have my eyes on Marthas Vineyard., Its a roadtrip which is great and its on my bucket list. I want to see "Amity" and "Amity Sound" and the waters where "you are gonna need a bigger boat"

While I was poking through some pics to upload I came across these:
Me and Dukie in the morning (looking our best!) and my birthday

and the way the kids all seem to hang out with their DS's- on the stairs and with the dog!

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