Wednesday, 8 May 2013

reading and cleaning

I like to read and  I read a lot. In the last few years I have found myself sticking to the same authors and often the same books. Books are expensive to buy and for a while new ones only came to me from charity shops or when I had a flight to catch. It became a part of the whole flying experience to buy a book at a sometimes ridiculous price from the bookstore in Gatwicks airside terminal.

So I would rotate my books and still get enjoyment from books that I read over and over.... and then Kindle came into my life.........

Since March I have read about 7 new books, 5 of those were by new authors, I have discovered the Kindle store where I can download a book for as little as $2 from the comfort of wherever I happen to be - tucked up in bed, on the couch etc, once I have indulged in a free sample which will give me at least the first chapter, often more to try before you buy. I have even contemplated buying a book I already have as its on a deal and means I dont have to move to find it.

Which leads me to believe that standing in a bookstore and reading a chapter of a book that I havent yet decided to purchase, is in fact, ok and I can stop feeling so guilty.

But now.. the reading fests maybe coming to an end, along with the catching up of Revenge online as its suddenly almost summer. I think that means Spring but hey this is turning into a rather summer like Spring. And the timing was great because we are up to date with Revenge and snuggling in watching TV in the evening is something I am happy to say goodbye to soon, for the season anyway.

Last weekend we embarked on Spring cleaning. It was good, tiring and necessary. My cousin whos driving from Toronto laden with English Choc is now in Moncton and will be here tonight. He flew into Toronto and hired a VW Beetle of all things. Apparently hes impressed with the car.

We need to add replacing a pool liner to our spring cleaning and the mosaic one that I have coveted since we arrived here is now on order. Its a pain in the butt that it will take 2.5 weeks to arrive but its only May, we can wait.

We are planning a Cape Cod trip now for June when mum is here, I cant wait. I love the researching side of a new trip and this ones been on my bucket list since I saw Jaws... and so found us in Chapters on Saturday afternoon browsing the travel section. There was a great book there called Road Trip USA, and I thought that although Kindle is my new friend, you cant beat a real book for stuff like this....

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