Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Alpine and a rainy September Day

Its feels like summer is over and then it doesn't again as its all warm and humid and hot but its damp too, it rained ALL FRIGGIN DAY yesterday, it was like a Monsoon out there.
It also happened to be the day that our new puppy Alpine let me into the secret that he likes to dig, in mud!
He was outside doing his thang and it was peaceful, no jumping on Dukie or throwing himself around the house in his exuberant fashion so I left him out there until I was ready to leave for work.

He ran back into the house in a very happy wet muddy dog way and created havoc with the couch in the family room. I was stunned. I have never seen a dog so dirty and so happy about it.
He was literally plastered with mud, his little white face was black with it. And I was now late for work.

So I stood on the deck in my work clothes and work hair and washed him down, in a relatively furious fashion. I was soaked, he was soaked, he was muddy, so was everything in a 50 mile radius.

I then went to leave, late, and of course I am out of gas. So I stopped for that, it was still raining, at an angle, I got wetter (if that's possible) at the gas pump.

I drove to work in driving rain and gusting winds and figured that my house is awash with wet muddy dog, my work hair is now a curly fluff and I am later than late.

It rained all damn day and Alpine spent more happy time later that day out there cleaning out and widening the ditch in our yard, so successfully that the little bridge now no longer spans it as its too short.
I went through most of our towels and more water in an attempt to stop the house turning into a damp, muddy dog disaster.
And here he is, hes meant to be company for Mr Duke, but currently hes melting hearts, making a big mess and driving Duke insane with his crazy energy. Hes certainly young and I look forward to the day he grows up just a little bit and calms down a touch.
Hes a husky, collie, lab mix with just a touch of polar bear (we feel)

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