Monday, 16 September 2013

Fall weekend and Scentsy party

Its been an interesting few days. Friday saw us all awash from Tropical Storm Gabrielle that just literally drenched everyone and provided little else of interest, such as gusting winds. There was none of that. Just a whole lot of rain, and humidity. That was pretty intense. It was sticky warm.

Saturday dawned damp and sticky again. We all decided to go out for breakfast at the Big Stop, this always sets me up for the day and the girls love it. We had the added bonus of having our friends join us, the coffees constant. The eggs are cooked as ordered, breakfast potatoes are scrumptious and the plates are big.

I then immersed myself in mopping everywhere and washing walls as Alpine is a messy dog, and I mean really messy. Since he arrived I have cleaned more than ever before. I had a stack of volunteer paperwork to do and I couldn’t do it in a house with floors (and walls) covered in muddy prints.

So that was my afternoon – laptop, paperwork , printer, coffee and me in a slightly less than happy frame of mind, I don’t mind the work but I do mind the time it sucks up. I wish I could stop time for when I do it, that way it wouldn’t impact my weekend.

Sunday dawned cool and crisp and I set out for a run. I always feel quite tentative as I am not running as much as I was. I don’t feel the draw as much as I did and so I always expect to find it really really hard. But it wasn’t, it was fine, enjoyable and I had good motivating music to run to. Duke liked it too, hes a great running dog, hes just there to my left the whole way round.
The day was gorgeous – warm, blue sky, sunshine, actually no it was hot. It was shorts, t-short, flipflops weather and I loved it. I had my Fall Scentsy party booked for 2pm and decided at 10am that I needed cupcakes to be on the agenda. I got out the Hummingbird Bakery book and made chocolate cupcakes and they rocked! I am still amazed that I made them.

The Scentsy Party was great, ladies chatting about babies, Eastlink vs Bell and then Fall Scents. We laughed, we drank wine and coffee and we ate well – Mexican dip, asiago and artichoke crostinis, apple caramel dip, veggies in ranch dressing, chocolate cupcakes!….

I then walked the dogs (again) and came home to our first roast dinner of the season, courtesy of chef Paul which I could barely manage to eat, so a lot of it is in the fridge to be re-visited tonight and I am SO looking forward to it.

I know I have said it befor but I love Fall here – warm, hot, blue skies, sunshine, leaves changing colour, firepits in cool crisp evening air, the freshness, the sunshine! Gone are the days when Autumn means grey sky and soggy leaves on the ground.

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