Friday, 6 September 2013

Utopia - in too many places.....

I was wondering if there is a perfect place to live and would you ever find it. I don't think I would.
I like so many different places for so many different reasons that you would have to amalgamate them all to make them into my Utopia.

I love Key West for its ambience, its restaurants, it chilled out feeling, its oceans, its beauty and did I say food? I would love a little Conch House in old town within walking distance of Louis Backyard, so I could be found there when I went missing on a Sunday afternoon, with a pina colada on the afterdeck.

I love Halifax NS, for its smallness as a city but it still has the tall buildings and city feel in its streets. For its harbour walkway and its funky Tug boat. For its little shops and its Cows Icecream and Beavertails.

I love Peggys Cove for its serenity and peace, even when its crazy busy. Theres something about that place and the drive there, that beauty, that calmness.

I love downtown Orlando, its nice, its not touristy but its pretty actually, like St Augustine with its heat and its Spanish moss that hang from trees. I like its road names like Orange Blossom Trail that is actually a 6 lane highway in places. Downtown Orlando is somewhere I could work and live I think.

I like Rome, with its craziness and awe-inspiring history on almost every corner. The food is flat out wonderful too and its the only place in the world where I choose to go and check out religion. For those that have not yet seen the Vatican or the Colosseum (amongst other wonders) I recommend a visit, if you can. And while you are there, have some lunch at a little Italian restaurant down a backstreet, the tomato sauce in the pasta and on pizza, alone, will blow your taste buds.

Gibraltar - gorgeous, Spanish with a twist of English, with red phoneboxes and a runway that crosses a road, or maybe the road crosses the runway. The streets curve and twist and its quintessentially Europe.

And there are SO many places still to see, on my personal to do list:

Cape Code - Nantucket and Marthas Vineyard
The Carolinas
The Grand Canyon

Ah, theres more but I am starting to feel like I should be travelling rather than at work, frankly.

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