Saturday, 7 September 2013

Fall begins

Its definately here, its not in the post, its arrived.
Hot days with blue skies and sunshine that are no longer beach days because they start cold and crisp and end the same way. The bugs are fading along with the desire to eat bbq meals and salad.

I love this time of year here, I love the warmth and the absence of grey skies. Its the time of year to consider getting changes ready.

Today I went with my friends on the 50 mile yard sale, it was my first time and I think I got in a good haul.
I found white lights to go round the eaves of our house for $3 (bargain!), I also got some shelves for the bathroom - $3 again and a great picture for my office - $7
I also enjoyed a BBQ burger from one the bigger yard sales and managed to find a stand that sold homemade jam - so I picked strawberry. I love decent jam.
One of the yard sales was almost like a step back into Little House on the Prarie, there were wooden wagon wheels, a wooden boat propped against a tree, a wagon, and a bearskin ( I had to get a photo!)

Paul is now going to hang all the lights maybe tomorrow so that we can enjoy them asap, lights need to go up here before it actually gets cold and hes shutting down the pool tomorrow. That to me is a definite sign of the change of the seasons. I have big plans for this Fall, I am going to organize all my favourite articles in my two years worth of house and home magazines. I am going to find a new TV series to get into.

New Scentsy will start to burn in my lamps - apple pie, ginger cookie, pecan, honey pear cider......all the Fall smells that I love to have in my home.

So now I am going to enjoy the heat of the day and the start of the leaves changing, walking the dogs and being able to see the sunset as its so much earlier now (8pm, instead of 10pm) the crispness of the evening and the firepit that we plan to have later today.

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