Wednesday, 2 October 2013

a perfect working day

Its been 27C today! How cool is that, what a great start to October.
I love the fact that my office has a window that opens, I also have my own heating controls in there so I can have the window open to listen to the sound of the trees rustling, rain falling or a Midland truck reversing in with a delivery, whilst still keeping an ambient temperature. Its really rather ideal.

Today it was open to let in the decidedly summery breezes. Today the fire alarm also went off and the whole building evacuated, including the company in the adjoining building and we hung around outside chatting in the hot sunshine whilst the fire department rolled up. It transpired that the sprinkler system had lost pressure, hence the alarm and the fire fighters. I was happy to stay out there all day, if it had happened yesterday it wouldnt have been quite so pleasant as it rained all day.

I spent some time talking commodity tax, a new report that needs writing and general stuff that I get paid to do.

I got in a tranquil lunchtime walk and felt rather at one with my working world. I am starting to really take days like these and treasure them, its been a bit of a rollercoaster 10 months so I am grateful.

The IT dept had some of those Lindor chocolates in today so I enjoyed immensely two of those that come in the red wrapper. I could have eaten the lot if I could have gotten away with it. I did consider it, it was even worth being known as that greedy guts without manners in Finance, they tasted that good. I didnt do it though, just thought about it for most of the day.

The Fall leaves are out and the colours were vivid against the depth or the blue in the sky today. It was such an azure blue that all the greens, the oranges, the reds stood out in the heat of the day. It was in short, the perfect Fall Day, a nice drive home completed it all and I am just waiting to go out for my midweek coffee with my best pal - happiness!

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